Beware of cryptocurrencies!

Cryptocurrencies are already 12 years old. During this period, they have managed to earn a reputation and achieve wide recognition, but they still have a long way to go. As of the end of last week, the market capitalization of this asset class was $1.235 trillion. For comparison, the largest publicly traded company represented by

Terra (LUNA): Is there life after death?

Last week we talked about the dramatic fall of the Terra blockchain, which was in the TOP 10 of the rating with a capitalization of $40 billion back in April. The network was unable to maintain the rate of the algorithmic UST stablecoin, which is why the LUNA balancer coin depreciated in a few days.

Requiem for Bitcoin

The sale of cryptocurrencies is intensifying, and the recent collapse of UST raises questions about the viability of stablecoins as an asset class. Against this background, the number of predictions about the sudden demise of Bitcoin and the oblivion of the entire cryptocurrency industry has increased. The continuation of the Bitcoin correction was brewing back

Why did TRX grow by 24 in a week%

While most of the coins have been sold off, and the cryptocurrency market is showing a 7% correction, the TRX of the Tron project is steadily growing in price. It’s all about the launch of a new USDD stablecoin and Justin Sun’s desire to catch up with the capitalization of the Terra blockchain. On May

Mining Ethereum is more profitable than Bitcoin

Despite the largest capitalization of Bitcoin, Ethereum mining requires less investment, and the return comes earlier. And even the status of Bitcoin as a “store of value” does not play into the hands of miners. Bitcoin is compared by many to digital gold – this substitution in the preferences of investors was written in leading